Alternative Investment Fund Management Directive

Ireland is the global center for the servicing of hedge funds. More than 40% of global hedge funds are serviced here in Ireland, accounting for approximately €2 trillion in assets. This places Ireland as the largest hedge fund administration centre in the world, as well as, Europe’s leading hedge fund domicile.  In the wake of the financial crisis, the European Union created the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) to increase regulation over Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) which came into effect in July 2011. Ireland became one of the first jurisdictions to implement the AIFMD, regulating the hedge fund industry for the first time.  

This directive aims to set up a strict regulatory and supervisory framework regarding investments in funds in the EU by increasing the amount of reporting and due diligence between the investors, fund managers, and regulatory bodies. The existing regulatory regime in Ireland, combined with the expertise in servicing the most complex and international investment funds, makes Ireland the obvious choice for AIFM's seeking to get ahead of the AIFMD. In order to create a fund in Europe the AIFMD cannot be neglected. Crossroads Capital Management (CCM) are perfectly equipped to help provide the solutions that you will require. 


16 Key Management Functions

The AIFMD creates a complex environment which poses new obstacles making it difficult for investors to access European funds.  CCM has some of the most experienced directors in the industry, who are familiar with this fast and ever changing environment. With CCM being an independent platform, working with some of the top-tier global firms, we will implement 16 key management functions under AIFM as demonstrated in the graphic below:

CCM’s AIFM Platform Overview

AIFMD Investment Risk & Management

CCM has a highly experienced and motivated team with extensive knowledge on the financial industry and related fields, such as: investment management, hedge funds, and fund administration.  Our team has gained vast amounts of experience through various roles across large investment management companies with a global macro focus.  Working alongside our service providers, under our Regulated Fund platform, CCM guarantees to offer a full solution approach, priding ourselves on our high flexibility with the aim of raising capital for EU investors. CCM consistently meets and exceeds our clients expectations.

The Board of CCM has appointed Kinetic Partners as the Designated Person for Risk Management and Operational Risk.  The Board is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that any proposed investments by each fund are in accordance with their investment policies.
  • Ensuring that each given fund complies with its operating policies.
  • Monitoring the activities of every fund to ensure that it is in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Risk Management is integrated into every stage of CCM's due diligence and investment process.