Financial Oversight & Control

Financial control

  • We maintain records that are adequate for the purposes of financial control and management information.
  • The board has put in place procedures to ensure all relevant accounting records of the AIFM and of the AIFs under management are properly maintained and are readily available, including production of annual and half-yearly financial statements.

Monitoring of Capital

  • We ensure compliance on an ongoing basis, with the minimum regulatory capital requirements relating to CCM and the filing of all of CCM’s required regulatory returns with the Central Bank.

Internal Audit

  • Provide monthly reports to the management committees and also provide quarterly reports to the board of CCM.
  • CCM has not established a permanent internal audit function due to the nature, scale and complexity of our business.
  • We feel that we are sufficiently close to the day-to-day operations of the business to maintain adequate oversight and controls.
  • This approach is very closely monitored by the Board (and also our Head of Compliance) and where it considers that the scale, nature or complexity of the business requires additional independent oversight and control, an internal audit function may be engaged.

Accounting Policies and Procedures

  • The board has procedures in place to ensure that proper accounting policies and procedures are employed in respect of CCM and the AIFs it manages and that all assets and liabilities of the AIFs managed by CCM can be directly identified at all time.
  • CCM shall establish, implement and maintain accounting policies and procedures so as to ensure that the net asset value of each AIF is accurately calculated on the basis of the applicable accounting rules and standards.